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〈New product〉All-in-one compact visible laser * Lantana
488 nm532 ​nm, 552 nm561 nm, 588 nm594 nm


World's Smallest in its class: 38 x 62 x t22.5 mm
Single frequency visible laser 

CW & Modulation driver integrated, plug-and-play module via USB communication

Our new product "Lantana" will be available. The "Lantana" is an all-in-one ultra-compact unit (38×62×t22.5mm, <53cc) that combines a compact visible laser with an integrated driver for both CW & modulation controlled via serial communication. It's a single-frequency, plug-and-play module via USB communication. It enables you to downsize your biomedical equipment and expand design flexibility. Shipment of sample products for 532, 561, 594 nm will start around this Summer and the new wavelengths 488, 552, 588 nm are currently under development to be released around April to June 2025.

​Please feel free to contact us for product details or to request a quote.

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