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Compact visible laser & Compact multicolor laser light source


QD Laser Compact visible laser
QD Laser Compact visible laser

・Wavelength: 532nm561nm594nm
・Output power: 5, 20, 30, 50mW (output power stability <2%)
・Low power consumption (<1.5W)
・Short pulsed operation (nanoseconds, 50 picoseconds)
・Small flat package
・Options: with fiber pigtail, with driver for CW or pulsed operation
・Applications: flow cytometry, biomedical microscopy, spectroscopy, measurement

The QLD0593 series is a compact visible laser with wavelengths of 532nm561nm, and 594nm. In this wavelength range, Diode-Pumped Solid-State Lasers (DPSS lasers) have been mainly used; however, there have been issues such as the inability for modulation operation. This series utilizes our patented technology combining DFB laser with SHG (second harmonic generation) crystal, enabling high-speed modulation, output power stability, low power consumption, and a compact package. For 532nm and 561nm, we offer a fiber pigtail type (QLD0561 series). CW driver integrated BOX (free-space output power 20mW) and an option with driver for picosecond pulsed operation are available. Suitable for applications such as flow cytometry, biomedical microscopy, and spectroscopy.

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